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Dear Friend, 

Thank you for taking this time to read the 2nd edition of my energy forecast. Following the natural cycles of the moon, earth and heavens, my energy forecast aligns itself with the cycles of the New Moon. This forecast covers the cycle of the 2nd Moon, January 11th -February 9th 2024. The New Moon will be in Capricorn on January 11th, and the Full Moon will be in the sign of Leo on January 25th. 

Meditating on the energy of cycle of the  2nd moon, I thought I would try the numerology. I have an intuitive  relationship with numbers and mathematics. My guides work with me using numbers during readings. 

The new moon birthing this 2nd cycle is on 01/11/2024 which equates to:  1+1+1+2+2+4= 11. The day (11th) and the total number of the date is the same, resulting in an 11:11. 

11:11 being a spirit number indicating the presence of spirit energy, as well as a code for the veil lifted and we are able to access sprit communication and guidance.

In my spiritual life and work the meaning of spirit equals surrender, acceptance, receiving, following, trusting, I also know that when these numbers present in certain conditions it means change is on the horizon. The winds of change are blowing, a physical shift is happening with the planet that forces us to dive deeper into our spiritual consciousness. Subconscious and physical blending into each other.

Your Body: the body is asking for attention, for presence. During energetic times of change and transformation your body might develop different nutritional requirements. Be intuitive with your nutrition and use herbal teas of hibiscus, orange peel, calndula and lemongrass for centering and grounding your physical systems.

My guides shared with me that even more important than nutrition during this cycle is being fully grounded in the presence. 

Bring mindfulness, intuition and awareness to your physical body. Create relationship, communicate and listen to what your body needs. 

Use Clear Crystal Quartz, Black Smokey Tibetan Quartz and Lemurian Citrine Quartz Points to stay grounded, protected and help your body stay free from energetic toxicity, 

Your heart: this period of the 2nd moon could prove challenging for the emotional anatomy. Avoid impuisve desicions regarding relationships, family and friends. Let the emotional waters calm down and soften before communicating your feelings, especially when related to an important matter. Visualize bathing in a turquoise sea of joy and practice yogic ocean breath to regain emotional grounding. And know that this too shall pass. 

Use Green Tourmaline, Green Garnet and Almondine Garnet  to protect your heart and release emotional stress.  

Your mind: Much like every other aspect of you, your mind might get stretched to what could feel like its limits. Dont worry, during the cycle of the 2nd moon you will rise like the phoenix from the ashes! This moon challenges you to actively reach for your highest potential. Infuse your thoughts with the highest frequency of Love!

Use Amazonite, Lapis and Amethyst to help you expand your mind and release mental limitations.

Your spirit: Your spirit knows the answers but your mind does not want to accept it, your ego does not want to surrender. The 2nd moon of this year might challenge you to accept a truth that you have been hiding from for a while now. Once every so often your spirit gets tired of waiting for your mind and ego to catch up and begins to shout out the truth so loud that you can no longer ignore it. To your surprise you might find that once you have accepted and surrendered to the “scary” truth, its not so scary after all. The flow opens up, blockages are removed, the process of healing has begun. Make room in your energy for spirit to communicate higher consciousness and wisdom to you when you are seeking answers.

Use Amethyst, Selenite and Ametrine to connect into your higher/spirit self  and communicate with your angels and guardians.

I hope you enjoyed reading spirits message as much as I have enjoyed channeling and creating it for you.

The next energy forecast will be coming on February 9th.

Sending Blessings of Peace and Light to you and yours always, 


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