Our Story

NINE MAIDENS MARKET by DOROTHEA DELGADO draws inspiration from earth’s natural elements and the divine spirit for each handcrafted artisan piece. Each unique artifact is designed, charged and created by Dorothea with thoughtful intention to lift your spirit and brighten your Aura. Illumination of mind, body and soul - NINE MAIDENS MARKET offers beautiful collections of jewelry to empower the wearer, while stimulating healing, growth and connection into authentic self. Nine as a sacred number is representative of female magic, universal love, spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom. Constructed with awareness, passion and purpose, NINE MAIDENS MARKET uses natural and organic elements to construct its pieces, whenever possible. Components used in the construction of the jewelry are preferably manufactured & sourced in the USA. NINE MAIDENS MARKET is a small business, dedicated to support local and small businesses, and uses recycled, minimal, sustainable packaging to protect our Mother the Earth.